Posted in: Moving Posted on: Dec 31st, 2014

All You Need to Know About Moving to Durham, NC

Durham, NC is a unique town. The city has a lot to offer residents new and old, including a strong economy, which led Forbes magazine to name it on the list of top 10 cities for business and careers in 2013. A number of cultural opportunities, including music and arts, are also available. People moving to Durham are able to enjoy all of this and more, but not until they get settled in.

Moving 411

Moving can be a headache — and a backache, too. Before you get to your new place, make sure you have plenty of water, sports drinks, and pain relievers on hand. Don’t strain yourself trying to move big pieces of furniture or a heavy box. Better yet, let someone else do the heavy lifting and hire a company that specializes in helping people move. JE Ladd and Sons Transfer has been helping people move in the city since 1882. The company will help unload the truck and may even put together your furniture for you, if needed.

Getting Set Up

Utilities are a must in the modern age. When renting in Durham, NC, you have two options when it comes to electric providers. Duke Energy and Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation can make sure the lights turn on at your apartment. Once the electric is hooked up, the next step is to make sure you have something to watch. In the city, your options for television include cable, DirectTV, and DISH network. It’s not just your home that needs to get set up after your move. Remember to pay a visit to the Driver’s License office and DMV to switch your car registration and license, if you’re moving from another state.

Tidying Up

Unpacking after a move can be a major project. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the boxes, the city has a number of organizers and house cleaners to help you make sense of the mess. One organizing company, Order in the House, will help you get your new home off on the right foot, in an organized, tidy way. Once everything in is in place in your new space, regular visits from a house cleaning company, such as Dirt Doctors, will help keep your new apartment feeling homey.

Stocking Up

Your boxes and bags might be unpacked and the utilities connected, but the cupboards are still bare. Say goodbye to take-out by heading to the local supermarket to stock your fridge and pantry. There are several options in the city to suit all budgets and dietary preferences. Supermarkets in town include Whole Foods, which is near Duke University, several Harris Teeter locations, and Around the World market, which offers grocery staples from a number of different types of cuisines.

Getting your home set up is just the first phase of moving to a new place. Once everything is in order, you can start exploring your new city. Take in a movie or concert at the Carolina Theatre, or attend a game at one of the city’s colleges, so that you get a good feel for what it’s like to call Durham home.