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Pet-Friendly Apartments and more in Durham.

Photo Credit: Good dog by Rhys A | CC BY 2.0

Moving to a new place is hard enough, but when a pet is in the picture the transition to a new neighborhood is even more difficult. Fortunately, Park Ridge Estates is one of the most pet-friendly apartments in Durham. In an attempt to make your transition to the region as smooth as possible, we’ve assembled the following guide so that you can learn more about veterinary clinics, daycare facilities, groomers, and dog parks in the area.

Animal Hospitals

It’s important to have a local veterinarian in mind should your pet need routine checkups of emergency services. Southpoint Animal Hospital on Fayetteville Road offers internal medicine, an ICU recovery center, a separate dental suite, and a radiology unit. They also offer wellness services such as massage therapy and acupuncture.

Daycare and Boarding

Although you may be accustomed to leaving your pet at home while you work during the day, unexpected fluctuations in your schedule can cause you to spend a longer time away from home than normal. For example, what happens if you need to attend a week long work conference out of state? Sure, you may ask friends and family members to care for your pet, but if no one’s available or willing, you might consider boarding your four-legged friend at a local doggy daycare such as Camp Bow Wow. From playdates and activities to delicious treats and comfortable cabins in which to sleep, your dog may not even notice you’re gone.


Grooming your pet is just as important as making sure that he is fed and entertained. Although a lot of people consider grooming to be a purely aesthetic practice, not taking care of your pet’s hygiene can have adverse effects on his or her health. In order to keep a happy and healthy animal, pet owners must be sure that their dogs and cats receive regular teeth cleaning, nail trimming, and conditioning treatments. From a simple bath and brush to a full organic oatmeal spa treatment, taking your dog to a grooming professional like Elliotte’s Pet Spa & Salon, Inc. can help him feel more relaxed and comforted.


Looking to get outside and take advantage of some of the dog parks near Durham? Look no further than Durham Dog Park, a fenced-in area that is one of the largest in town. It features four separate areas; one for obedience, one for training, one for small dogs, and one for large dogs. The park also provides benches and running water, so that owners can take a rest and their dogs can stay hydrated. Northgate Dog Park is also an off-leash facility that includes separate areas for smaller and larger canine friends, as well as water spigots and benches.

Now that you’ve learned about the pet-friendly places near Durham, it’s time to take your pet out to explore the town!