Posted in: Living Posted on: Apr 27th, 2015

Advantages of Living in Short-term Housing

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You have several housing options when moving to Durham, NC, for just a short amount of time. The following points identify some of the advantages of living in a short-term housing in Durham.

Avoiding Lease Penalties

If you know you’re only going to be living in Durham for a few months, you’re not going to want to lock yourself into a long-term lease. Sure, it’s likely you’ll find a greater variety of apartments if you expand your search to yearly lease options. However, you have to keep in mind that ending a lease ahead of time will take a serious hit on your finances through early termination fees. Establishing a short-term lease from the beginning ensures that you protect your budget.

Building Friendships

There’s no shortage of people coming and going from hotels. Unfortunately, most of these people are on vacation or a short work trip and won’t be spending much time in common areas. For this reason, it’s fairly difficult to form friendships with people in hotels. That’s not the case when you’re living in a short-term rental, among more permanent neighbors.

Decorating Your Space

Nobody wants to live in a space without character. Go to any hotel in the country, though, and that fact might not be so obvious. Hotel rooms are extremely basic in terms of decor, with each and every room having the same desks, the same chairs, and the same prints on the walls. Living in a short-term rental places you in your own space, which you can decorate as you please. If you need to purchase home décor, head to the Renaissance Center, where you’ll find a variety of shops.

Cooking Meals

Unless you’re okay with booking a suite, finding a hotel room with a fully functioning kitchen is going to be a challenge. This is quite different than short-term rentals in Durham, NC, which come with full sized refrigerators, ovens, stove-tops, and a variety of other amenities. Having the ability to cook in your own space not only allows you to save money, it also provides you with the opportunity to eat healthier food than what one might typically find at a restaurant.

Getting Some Sleep

If you’re in Durham on a temporary work assignment, listening to loud neighbors while you’re trying to get some sleep is the last thing you want to deal with. Unfortunately, noisy neighbors are all too common at hotels, mostly because hotel room walls are somewhat thin and guests tend to be on vacation. Noise isn’t as much of a problem in short-term rentals, where walls are thicker and the schedules of lessees are a bit more in sync.

Expecting Privacy

Some people don’t mind housekeepers coming into their hotel rooms at random points during the day to clean. Other people consider this to be an invasion of privacy. If you want to keep your home clean, but don’t want to deal with the seemingly random sporadic schedules of hotel housekeeping, your best bet may be to live in short-term housing and contact a third party cleaning service like Tough Maids.