Posted in: Dining Posted on: Jun 28th, 2016

Small Businesses Worth Checking Out in Durham

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Are you renting in Durham and interested in getting more involved in your city? Supporting local businesses in Durham is a great way to start. In case you weren’t sure what kinds of businesses are scattered around town, here are three fantastic and interesting Durham institutions for you to check out.

Full Steam Brewery

You’ll have no problem finding Full Steam Brewery. Its enormous red barn door is marked with a huge letter F, so it’s almost impossible to miss. Hang outside around the picnic tables or grab a seat inside in the Biergarten-inspired dining room, which has both large and small tables. There’s even a good-sized stage for performances. This space is huge, and the beers bartenders pour are big in flavor. The guys at Full Steam Brewery love to experiment with their recipes, which is why you always see so many fun options on the beer list. There’s the Beasley’s Honey White, a light, refreshing beer with subtle notes of black pepper. You can also try the Carner, which is Full Steam’s signature sweet potato lager. The Hogwash, a hickory-smoked porter, really delights lovers of good craft beer. Hang out and grab some food from the food trucks that are always parked nearby, or play some ping pong, board games, and darts with friends. If you have a big group, Full Steam Brewery is the place for you.

Cocoa Cinnamon

Cocoa Cinnamon coffee shop has been featured in both local and national publications, including Buzzfeed. It was also the winner of the 2014 Green Plus Sustainable Enterprise Award. According to regulars, all of the hype is true. Cocoa Cinnamon is full of people who really care about coffee and its origins. The baristas always have espresso drinks, three single-cup origin hand-poured coffees, and a few monthly beverage specials to pick from. They are best known for the creative signature drinks. These drinks take a look back at the histories of coffee, chocolate, and tea and use them as a starting point to play with flavor. The Rumi features a blend of hand-brewed coffee from Africa and Asia with rosewater and cardamom. Another signature beverage is the Hue, which showcases Asian java over a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk in a pretty glass. The drinks at Cocoa Cinnamon are truly unique and definitely worth stopping by to try. There’s both inside and outside seating at this hip spot.

Scratch Bakery

Scratch Bakery is an incredibly colorful bakery with an experimental menu. The bakers specialize in pies, but the kitchen team also offers a really diverse lunch and brunch menu that includes dishes like the po-boy benedict. Their pies change every month because they use fresh, seasonal ingredients. All the locals also rave about the biscuits, flaky on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Stick with the original recipe or try out the bacon jam biscuit if you’re feeling adventurous. It’ll be well worth it.

Who wouldn’t want to rent in Durham when all of these delicious drinks and treats are always at your disposal? Maybe one of these local businesses will become part of your weekly routine!