Posted in: Living Posted on: Sep 23rd, 2015

These 4 Incredible Parks Are Perfect for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Durham, NC living allows you to work and reside in a place that is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. A town in which the scenic views and natural beauty are seemingly endless, you’ll have your pick of dozens of green spaces and parks within Durham’s city limits. In fact, there are so many parks in Durham to pick from that it can be difficult to know which ones to check out first. That is why we’ve decided to compile a short list of some of our favorite parks and greenways in the city.

Water Activities: Eno River State Park

The Eno River snakes around Durham for 33 miles before flowing into Falls Lake on the far east edge of the county. Eno River State Park is ideal for those who want to catch a break from the city, as it offers secluded green space that is only 10 miles away from downtown. View what Durham has to offer in regards to natural beauty by gazing at the majestic river, which winds through pines, hills, and bluffs. You can spend all day at Eno canoeing or fishing, or you can take an overnight trip, as there are campsites available throughout the park.

Hiking: Little River Regional Park and Natural Area

This 391-acre park and natural area is located on old tobacco farmland. Today, it gives residents of Durham the opportunity to enjoy nature right in their backyard. You can appreciate over seven miles of trails to hike, as well trails designated for mountain biking. This is also an ideal park to bird watch as there are birding trails that will take you right into the heart of a hardwood forest and close to flowing creeks. You can also spend the night here at one of the park’s campgrounds.

Fun Events: Durham Central Park

The Durham Central Park is home to some of the best activities in downtown Durham. For instance, there is a superb farmer’s market and food truck rodeo held throughout the year to showcase local farmers and culinary artists. Another noteworthy feature is the state of the art skate park, which makes Durham Central a hot spot for kids. /Be warned that when events take place here, the park usually becomes packed, so it is best to bring your own blankets for seating and arrive early.

Dog Park: Piney Wood Park

Your furry little friend likely would enjoy some outdoor time as well. Luckily, Piney Wood Park is the ideal location to take your pup for some playtime. There are both large and small dog paddocks, so your pup can be comfortable playing with others his or her own size. There are plenty of areas that are shaded so that you and your pup can both keep cool during the summer months.