Posted in: University Posted on: May 18th, 2016

Where to Find the Best Nightlife Spots Near NCCU

The college life may be mostly studying for exams, working on papers, and pulling all-nighters, but you can do well in school and still enjoy the nightlife near North Carolina Central University. In fact, it’s important to give yourself a mental break every now and then to recharge. There are many fun things to do near North Carolina Central University, from dining at a sports bar to attending a concert. Here are just a handful of hotspots to check out.

Sports Bar

If you love sports, consider catching the next game at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe. The closest location to the university is 280 S. Mangum Street. Its plentiful seating and flat-screen TVs allow you to share in every home run and slam dunk with fellow fans. While you watch, nibble on an appetizer of fried green tomatoes, then move on to an entree of country-“frizzled” chicken. When you’re ready for dessert, try the pecan brown sugar chess pie or five-layer chocolate cake. The general price range is $11 to $30.

Wine Bar

A wine bar is a great place to grab a drink and mingle with friends, so spend the evening relaxing and chatting at the West End Wine Bar. There are two locations in North Carolina, and the branch closest to you is at 601 W. Main Street. The wine bar features both spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas, so you can enjoy fresh air with your wine when the weather permits. The menu includes artisan cheeses, garlic knots, pizza, and even beer, and you can order a plate of cheese and glass of wine without breaking the bank. After you’re done eating, head next door to sister establishment West End Billiards to play pool or tabletop shuffleboard.


When you want to taste local craft brews, head to the Fullsteam Brewery. This brewery is located at 726 Rigsbee Avenue, and it features a tavern with plenty of seating for everyone. The stark, industrial aesthetic is intentional; it encourages you to focus on your beer and conversation. And you’ll want to because the suds in your pint glass came right from the brewing room in-house. Although Fullsteam always offers new seasonal pours, year-round beers on tap include Paycheck, El Toro, Rocket Science, and the signature Fullsteam. Fullsteam Brewery builds its own outdoor snack bar with local food trucks, but you’re also welcome to bring your own food into the tavern. The snacks and beer are all offered at an affordable price.

Live Music

There is nothing like an evening of drinks and live music to combat the stress of studying and exams. You can enjoy a night on the town at The Pinhook, which is located at 117 W. Main Street. The small concert venue’s lively shows and cheap drinks work together to create an exciting atmosphere. Order a beer and sip as you listen to musicians such as Pure Bathing Culture, Pinkwash, or Nappy Roots. The venue also hosts events such as trivia nights, dance parties, and even movie nights. Tickets are almost always less than $10.

It’s important to find different things to do near your school so you don’t become overwhelmed with academics. Whether you’re mingling at a wine bar or trying a new beer at the brewery, take some time to enjoy the nightlife between study sessions.